WoolWorks New Zealand Limited are the only supplier of New Zealand woolgrease

Wool grease is secreted from the sheep’s sebaceous glands which attaches to the wool fibres during the wool growing cycle.

This gives wool its waxy feel and protects the sheep from the natural elements and seasonal climatic changes.

After the greasy wool is removed during the shearing process, it is then subjected to washing and cleaning through the wool scouring process.

A state of the art three-stage recovery process continually removes wool grease from the wool as the wool is being washed. Recovered wool grease is then collected, cleaned and prepared for sale.

WoolWorks New Zealand is the world’s only supplier of pure New Zealand wool grease. This unique source of grease has many favourable attributes and is often a preferred choice due to it being consistently high in Cholesterol content.

The high cholesterol content of New Zealand wool grease is a pre requisite for those who choose wool grease to produce lanolin alcohol, cholesterol and Vitamin D3 as well as being popular for use in the manufacture of Lanolin and Lanolin Derivatives.

Lanolin is a semi-solid wax and contains a mixture of sterols and medium to long chain fatty acids. The properties of refined lanolin from wool grease function in many ways similar to human skin lipids, making it a very skin-compatible ingredient.

Lanolin has long been described as being a wonder of nature and has found use as a moisturizer, emollient, emulsifier and Ointment base for hundreds of years.

Why Choose New Zealand Wool Grease?

New Zealand wool grease is derived from disease free sheep being high in cholesterol content with low residual ash and water content with no unwanted added extras

New Zealand is a world leading supplier of “High Cholesterol” wool grease averaging at more than 12.0% on an annual basis being available on a regular basis throughout the year with annual production being in excess of 2,200 MT.

This makes New Zealand wool grease a preferred choice for manufacturers of the following products:

Cholesterol NF (95% minimum purity)

A fine white crystalline powder made from wool grease used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Cholesterol NF is an unsurpassed emulsifying and moisturizing agent in cosmetic applications and has excellent skin strengthening abilities. Cholesterol NF is the precursor to Vitamin D3 and is the chosen grade in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Cholesterol BP (91% minimum purity)

A fine, white, almost odorless powder derived from wool grease. Cholesterol BP is a staple additive in prawn feed as it enhances the growth and life expectancy of juvenile farmed prawns. Cholesterol BP is an essential molecule for the synthesis of molting hormones, sex hormones, bile acids, Vitamin D and is an integral part of prawn tissues.

Vitamin D3

A sought-after supplement for human and animal consumption. A positive addition as a dietary or medical supplement for humans whom do not get sufficient exposure to natural sunlight.

Other products from Lanolin and Lanolin Derivatives which have been manufactured from New Zealand wool grease are used extensively in cosmetics and pharmaceutical formulations.

The global demand in 2016 was 55,910.80 tons in and is expected to rise to 82,542.65 tons by the year 2024.

WoolWorks New Zealand Limited has many environmental certifications. Wool grease from us is accredited under the internationally recognised New Zealand Fern Mark quality programme.


Typical Wool Grease Value Chain

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