Our ethos is to live and work in an environment that is in harmony with nature.

Every step along our journey has been planned and operated with the underlying objective of maintaining a low environmental impact.

Our process configuration is highly efficient and at world best standards for Wollworks. We monitor the efficiency of the entire operation by the very latest available technology.

Recycling and reuse of process water is continuous, as are efficient heating practices, the use of renewable energy and by recycling dry waste we have significantly minimized the impact on the environment. 

Animal welfare

Our commitment to animal welfare and care is evidenced in our accreditation to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). This is an external certification, independently audited to verify that the welfare and care of the animal is at best practice standards. This international certification is something that is highly sought after and well regarded internationally.

The removal of wool from the sheep is done purely for animal health reasons. The process of wool removal is called “shearing”.

In New Zealand, shearing is a highly skilled profession. New Zealand shearers are trained to the highest standards in animal welfare and are historically among the best in the world generally using the “Godfrey Bowen” shearing style. This style sits the sheep in a very relaxed position while the wool is being removed by electric clippers called a “hand piece”.

It is a known fact that a sheep has a natural ability to double its pelt density within hours should it get cold!

NZWL sponsors many elite shearing competitions such as the Golden Shears and Speed Shear events on an annual basis in support of the shearing industry. 

New Zealand prides itself on a very high standard of farming, which is at world best levels. Animals are farmed ethically and professionally.  Shearing is an essential element in animal husbandry to ensure the ongoing wellbeing and health of the animal.

The Environment

WWNZL has developed a new method of scouring and leads the way on an environmentally friendly scouring process. Every part of the process is monitored by the minute, water usage is carefully controlled and waste to the atmosphere and drain is controlled. Total useful energy levels are at the world’s leading best practise.

We have placed much emphasis on maintaining an eco-friendly business profile which includes recycling all of our waste streams, reusing where possible, ensuring animal welfare standards are maintained and looking after our people.


By New Zealand law, we have to be able to trace all of the product that we receive back to the farm of origin. Our very comprehensive recording systems allow us to follow that wool though to export deliveries.

In short, all wools that we wash are fully traceable back to the farm where the wool was grown.

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